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Africa Partner Program

We have built the technology that your customers want.
Become a WooPOS Partner today and focus on adding value to your customers while we take care of the rest, from billing to engineering and support, we’ve got your back.

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woopos-affilliate_partner-landscapeAffiliate PartnerWooPOS

Software Resellers and Affiliates

We offer generous profit shares, rebates and commissions to our certified resellers and affiliates. All they need to do is fully onboard a new customer or simply send a successful lead our way and we’ll take care of the rest. Our resellers receive all the tools, materials and support they need to serve their customers well.
woopos-support_partner-landscapeSupport PartnerWooPOS

Training, Implementation & Support

For certified trainers & support technicians WooPOS offers continuing prospects for support services, demos and training opportunities to our growing network of customers. From helping merchants understand the software to handling, integrating and supporting the specialized hardware, the opportunities are endless and growing.
woopos-hardware_partner-landscapeHardware PartnerWooPOS

Hardware Resellers and OEMs

WooPOS requires specialized hardware to run efficiently. We offer hardware suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) a seamless, advanced, feature-rich software platform to bundle pre-installed on devices making any hardware a feature-rich plug and play experience out-of-the-box.
woopos-expert_landscapeSolution ExpertWooPOS

Developers, Agencies & Consultants

By leveraging our tried and tested technology and feature-rich platform, business consultants, agencies, web developers, hardware integrators and technicians can help design and craft highly customised end-to-end inventory management solutions, business models and workflows for their customers while earning a commission.

woopos-white_label-landscapeEnterprise PartnerWooPOS

White Labelling & Repackaging

WooPOS features can be repackaged, rebranded and re-priced as a Microsoft Windows-based enterprise-level inventory management and POS software package. Behind the scenes we will continue to offer a stream of new industry-leading features and enhancements to help maintain value to customers and boost growth and revenue opportunities for our partners.
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Africa, An Opportunity

Online commerce will grow about 30% every year in Africa. While the fintech industry in Africa is rising to play its part to bridge the payments gap, payments are only half of the story. Once a payment has been made or received, African businesses still need a suite of robust tools to track their orders and effectively manage and price their inventory while leveraging the power of e-commerce to serve new customers and markets across borders. It is easier said than done.

From a shortage of skilled technical labour and unpredictable power outages to erratic and expensive internet connections, few tools work out of the box, certainly not those designed for completely different markets. WooPOS is perfectly positioned to address many of the challenges that most solutions take for granted.

WooPOS boasts Africa-focused features like Microsoft Windows-based offline capability ideal for the vast majority of supported POS devices on the continent today, Africa-friendly pricing and licensing, Africa integrated payments support, a streamlined all-in-one feature-set, flexible backup and sync with LAN support, multiple payment methods (think mobile money). For us, Africa is not an afterthought, it is home to the future of E-Commerce and WooPOS. We’re excited, We’re ready. Are you?

Position Yourself For The Future

Africa is not an afterthought in our plans, it is a frontier for growth and innovation, it is home to the future of E-Commerce and WooPOS. Join us, let’s talk!

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