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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Every Feature You’ll Need To Operate And Scale Your Omnichannel Retail Business and E-Commerce Store

Point Of Sale

Multiple Payment Methods

Accept cash, mobile money, card machines, multiple currencies and online payments.

Barcode Scanning

Minimise potential staff errors by quickly scanning product barcodes to capture and process transactions.

Offline Functionality

Process sales at each location without an internet connection and synchronize with other locations when you get connected.

Self-Service Mode

Allow customers to scan or enter items by themselves and generate an invoice or “ready-to-checkout” sale.

Returns & Refunds

Refund any selected item or all items on a receipt.

Fiscal Devices

Supports most revenue-tracking fiscal devices

Partial Payments 

Allow customers to pay a deposit and track their account balance across all your locations. 

Gift Registry

Manage and process gift registries efficiently and seamlessly without the risk of gift duplication.

Flexible Pricing

Setup special prices for a date range or advanced pricing rules based on conditions, customer groups and product groups.


Create quotes and enable putting a sale on hold for a later date, giving estimates and keeping a record for you and your customer.

Opening & Closing Activities

Automate your start-of-day and end-of-day processes

Even More Features
WooPOS is a fully-fledged Point Of Sale system with a ton more features.

Inventory Management

Unlimited Products

Track an unlimited number of products and services with unlimited attributes for all your locations.

Import & Export Products

Import, export and update your products in a spread-sheet of your choice and bulk-update WooPOS

Inventory Receiving

Automate your warehouse processes from ordering new stock, receiving, pricing, labeling and shipping orders out to customers.

Product Customization

Capture every product detail you need to track whether it’s ring size, colors, special edition merchandise or anything else that defines your products.

Inventory Transfer

Track and maintain stock levels across multiple stores, online and offline, in real time. Move stock between stores or your warehouse.

Inventory Lookup

Quickly perform inventory lookups across all your sales channels and check which products are available at any of your stores in real-time.

Inventory Adjustments

Adjust your inventory to account for breakage, wastage or write-offs to ensure accuracy and get better context about how your products are being consumed.

Stock Take Assistant

Take a snapshot of your inventory and perform different count types including full count, selective and spot count. You won’t have to close your store or slow down operations to do your stock take.

Custom Barcode Designer

Design and print customised price labels, mailing labels and barcodes that work with major barcode systems available today.

Even More Features
WooPOS is a fully-fledged Inventory Management system with a ton more features.

Multi-Location Operations

Multi-Location Management

Real-time inventory and customer data synchronisation across your locations makes managing store operations a smooth process. Quickly lookup inventory between locations and edit from anywhere.

Omnichannel Returns

Improve customer satisfaction and retention rates by processing and tracking returns at any location regardless of whether they were purchased there or not.

Synchronize Data Across Locations

Centralized and update data from multiple locations in real-time to avoid outdated information and data entry mistakes.

Gift Cards & Store Credit

Redeem and process store credit, points and gift cards at one of your locations from any of the other locations. Payments, orders and pickups can all be done at different stores.

Performance Statistics

See how each of your stores are performing by tracking individual performance metrics and remotely make adjustments to each store’s inventory and operations.

Supplier Management

Manage Suppliers

Track and manage suppliers, shipping dates, invoices and other purchase order data to better understand your suppliers.

Minimum Price Rules

Minimum price rules help you ensure that you never sell items below the cost you bought them from your suppliers; you can even set up maximum discount rates.

Minimum Inventory Rules

Automate re-orders with your own unique inventory settings to ensure you’re never out of stock at the wrong time. Specific settings can be selected for specific locations.

Automated Purchase Orders

Take advantage of advanced management and demand planning techniques to help you make the right purchase decisions and increase your on-time delivery metrics.

Employee Management

Permission Control

Advanced granular permission control lets you create different user roles and assign them different levels of access. 

Track & Log

Track logins, login attempts and key employee activities. 

Training & Practice Mode

Enable sandbox training mode and test and train your staff with dummy data.

Time Cards

Track employees’ clock ins and clock outs at the POS and export reports for payroll preparation. 

Commission Management

Track commission sales for your reps and ensure your employees get compensated fairly through advanced commission management.

Customer Management (CRM)

Accounts Receivable (AR)

Keep a record of who owes you money, how much and when it’s due and arrange installment accounts. 

Manage Interest On Credit

Keep a record of who owes you money, how much and when it’s due and arrange installment accounts. 

Customer Loyalty

Establish a loyalty program where customers can earn points, see their balance and redeem credit through the system.

Gift Cards

Issue, redeem and track rechargeable gift card balances with ease and get customers excited about spending with you.

Sales Management

Track all customer transaction data for historical analysis and predict future buying trends. You’ll be able to analyze demographics across all your stores and identify top customers.

Marketing Insights

Gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by tracking the source of your customers and their spending habits.

Customer Analysis

Keep a comprehensive record of customers’ purchasing history and personal/contact information to identify sales trends. 

Customer Service Support

Provide better and more convenient service to your customers, knowing who they are and what they’ve purchased from you.

Customer Notes

Deliver a personalized customer experience with clerk-visible customer notes (sizes, allergies, special needs etc) across all your locations.

Even More Features
WooPOS is a fully-fledged Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with a ton more features.


Employee Reports

Determine an employee’s precise value to your business and the areas in which they need further training through  our smart reports to keep track of your employees and monitor their sales.

Customer Reports

Keep track of detailed customer information, find out who your most loyal customers are, how much they spend with you, and what they’re buying.

Supplier Reports

Forecast your cash outflows and ensure you pay your suppliers on time, also track which suppliers are costing you the most money for the goods and services they provide to your company.

Purchase Order Reports

Use powerful reporting to better understand purchase orders and the bottom-line impact of your supplier decisions. Easily build and save custom reports based on purchase order data.

Favourite Reports

Search reports by name or create quick launch options for your favorite reports. Reports are easily accessible and right at your fingertips.

Multi-Store Performance Statistics

Track multi-store performance statistics and metrics by location and see how each store is doing, which inventory sells best, who your top performing employees and what types of customers each location attracts

Sales Reports

Figure out which items are bringing you the most profits, which times of the day/week/year are the busiest for your business, and which items are unpopular enough to remove from your shelves.

Query Reports

Build reports and filter unnecessary data by using our powerful and flexible query builder to get exactly the information you need.


Seamlessly and effortlessly sell your products on your own online store powered by one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms which powers millions of online stores. WooCommerce allows you to effortlessly accept online local and international payments.
Launch your online store in minutes and handle everything from marketing and payments, to secure checkout and shipping. fully hosted and cloud-based with unlimited 24/7 support and mobile commerce ready. Shopify allows you to effortlessly accept online local and international payments.
Pointy (Google)

Pointy from Google helps shoppers find the products they need in your physical store. Pointy connects to your point of sale system and automatically adds your in-store inventory to your Business Profile and to a Pointy Page for your store.

Cloud Backup & Sync

WooPOS software works both online and offline. Point-of-sale systems can function offline, store data locally, and synchronize back to the cloud once the internet connection is re-established. WooPOS can work in a number of different storage setups. The most common setup involves a database on a local computer that synchronizes with a cloud database when connected to the internet. WooPOS can also connect to online databases if your local system goes down, preserving your data and processes.

Customisation & White Labelling


To meet the needs of clients who require additional customization not already built into our software, we offer Custom Development Services. Our Custom Development Services offer clients the ability to purchase custom development time with our programming team to build-in specific customization options to meet their individual needs. White labelling Custom Development Services are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

White Labelling

WooPOS features can be repackaged, rebranded and re-priced as a Microsoft Windows-based enterprise-level inventory management and POS software package for your customers. Behind the scenes, we will continue to offer a stream of updates, patches, new industry-leading features and enhancements to help maintain value to your customers and boost your growth and revenue opportunities. White labelling is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Table of Contents