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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Implementation & Support Partner

As a WooPOS Implementation & Support Partner, you’ll have an opportunity to earn up to 10% in lifetime commissions on sales that originate from your referral links for customers that you implement and support. Referral links can originate from your website, blog, social media, YouTube or from links that you send directly to your customers through WhatsApp, bulk SMSs or emails. Once a customer signs up for WooPOS using your referral link their subscription becomes associated with your WooPOS partner account and they become a lifetime customer. Any future subscriptions by that customer on the WooPOS Africa website will accrue to you! From within your partner dashboard, you can track all your lifetime customers and the commissions your referrals are earning you.

In addition to the commission, the WooPOS Africa Partner Program offers users based in Africa our exclusive “Africa Only” pricing which extends discounts of up to 78% to users based and operating in Africa. This pricing is only available in Africa and is exclusive to all our African Partners and users.

Pricing & Billing

As a WooPOS Implementation & Support Partner, you need to fully on board and continue to support your customers, you will have access to the WooPOS support portal for assistance with any of your customer’s support queries. As an Implementation & Support Partner, you must continue to meet the high standard of service and support associated with WooPOS.

Billing: All license billing is handled on the WooPOS Africa website. You can track all your customers’ billing in real-time to track your commissions. Your customer’s billing on the WooPOS Africa website is linked to your account. Currently, we accept 12 African local currencies and the United States dollar and British pound.

Training & Implementation Fees: You may levy training and implementation fees to your customers at your own discretion through your own billing means, however, you cannot levy a support fee for supporting the functionality of WooPOS itself, or for supporting bugs and errors. You can, however, bill for customising and setting up custom workflows and processes that use WooPOS or its integration with other systems.

Customer lifetime Commissions*: You will earn a passive income by getting a commission for the entire lifetime of the customer. While billing will be handled by WooPOS, you will be able to track all subscriptions and commissions due to you. Upon request, any of your customers, if not satisfied with the quality of your service, for good cause, may request to be associated with another Implementation & Support Partner


Commissions are calculated on a volume basis as follows:

0 – 25 active customers = 2% commission (customer lifetime*)
25 – 50 active customers = 3.5% commission (customer lifetime*)

50 – 75 active customers = 5% commission (customer lifetime*)
75 – 100 active customers = 8% commission (customer lifetime*)
100+ active customers = 10% commission (customer lifetime*)

Affiliate Referrals* To set up once-off referrals, where you earn a commission for simply referring a user to the WooPOS website, you have to be a WooPOS Reseller & Affiliate Partner, learn more here.

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Table of Contents